Traditional Lime Render

Have you heard of traditional lime render? Think it could be right for your property? Traditional lime render can enhance the look and longevity of your property and we can install it for you.

There is a reason why traditional lime render has proven so popular – it has been used in the construction and finishing of buildings for more than 4,000 years and boasts many benefits when compared to cement-based materials.

For example, with traditional lime render you will enjoy a hard-wearing and flexible finish. It is a material that is used externally on buildings and effectively allows the building to breathe by letting water through the material but then shedding the water rather than retaining it - which would otherwise cause damp-related problems. Indeed when traditional lime render is used alongside lime-based paints, the water will have no problems evaporating.

So with traditional lime render you’re getting a surface for the outside of your property that won’t suffer from the micro-cracking that is almost always seen in cement-based finishes. Furthermore it is permeable, reducing the risk of water penetration and rot; and it is highly flexible because it can be coloured or painted with a lime wash, which will also give it an additional protective coating.

If you think that traditional lime render could be right for your property – such as if you’re looking to replicate a historically significant building - then why not get in touch with us now?

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