Traditional Lime Plaster

There are some surfaces that can be applied to your walls that will look good aesthetically – and then there are those that not only have the looks but also have real substance and bring health and vitality to a property. Traditional lime plaster is one of the best all-around surface materials available and our team could add it to your property.

Traditional lime plaster is both porous and non-toxic and is considered to be one of the healthiest surface materials available. It is often used in older buildings that have no damp course or cavities as it allows water to pass through it before shedding this water to avoid damp-related issues. When used alongside lime based paints, traditional lime plaster will keep condensation to a minimum.

The key with traditional lime plaster is that you’re getting a surface material that is truly built to last. There will be no ‘papering over the cracks’ because it moves with the structure of the building.

Many of our clients have chosen to work with traditional lime plaster. We have worked alongside Historic Scotland on a number of projects, bringing traditional lime plaster to such prestigious buildings as: the Queens Gallery, at the Palace of Holyroodhouse; the Royal Scots Dragoon Museum at Edinburgh Castle; Morgan Academy in Dundee; Rutherglen Town Hall in South Lanarkshire; Music Hall in Aberdeen; the Scottish Family History Centre in Edinburgh; Garrison House on the Isle of Cumbrae; Stirling Castle; and Old Castle Gate in Banff.