Specialist Plasterworks

If you want to give your property a unique finishing touch, then our team can oblige with a host of specialist plasterworks that are available throughout the United Kingdom.

At David Fisher & Sons, we realise that sometimes people want something a little bit different to make their property stand out from the pack, which is why we offer the following specialist plasterworks:

Clay modelling: We can produce a three-dimensional clay Marquette: and all you need to do is provide a sketch, a photograph or even a general idea to get our highly skilled craftsmen working on the ideal clay moulding for you.

Ceiling conservation: Among our specialist plasterworks services, we can repair into ceilings matter what their condition.

Ceilings in the Adam Style: As one of our key areas of expertise, it offers an unrivalled archive of historical plaster enrichments relating to the Adam style, which will allow you to personalise the style and ideas that you want to be incorporated into your ceilings.

In-situ works: It may no longer be a common project, but we have experience in producing in-situ works including producing a run cornice with traditional materials. For example, following a fire at Drummond Place, we were able to take samples of the fire-damaged property, constructed zinc moulds and using a traditional lime/sand core built a cornice and planted enrichments.

Design and Installation: Whether you want a design for a cornice, a moulding or an entire ceiling, we will work with you to design and install the perfect finish.

We can offer a large range of plastering services on a UK-wide scale, get in touch for a free consultation.