Have you been searching for a cornice maker and cornice installer? Edinburgh-based David Fisher & Sons can oblige with high quality cornice services available throughout the UK.

A cornice is usually a horizontal, decorative moulding that is used to crown a building or furniture element. Traditionally cornices were used to throw rainwater free of a building, but in modern times they have been used both externally and internally as a decorative feature to give a building an air of class and sophistication.

There are many types of cornices available, including: decorative cornices, such as those in Greek, Gothic and Vine styles; plain-moulded cornices, including Cove, Georgian and Victorian; modern and contemporary cornices, such as Step Cornice; and lighting troughs.

David Fisher & Sons is a cornice maker able to produce exact facsimiles of existing cornices; and it can assist with the selection of a cornice for a period house where the original has been removed. So if you’re restoring damaged cornicing to create an exact reproduction of a particular architectural style, you can rest assured that we will only use traditional plastering techniques to make old cornices as good as new – and make them look as though they have always been in place.

Or if you require a brand new cornice for your property, we can act as a cornice maker and cornice installer – it will offer you a range of historical enrichments and embellishments which you can base your choice on and then it will produce and install a cornice that is just right for you. It has the knowledge and expertise to undertake any type of cornicing.

So if you’re interested in a new or replica cornice, get in touch with David Fisher & Sons for a free consultation now.