David Fisher & Sons is an Edinburgh-based plastering company that has been in business for more than 130 years and has built an outstanding reputation for quality helping it to ascertain some of the most significant and prestigious plastering contracts in the UK.

We offer a UK wide service – meaning that whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales, you can benefit from its skilled craftsmen who can handle every form of plastering project.

Among the plastering services available from David Fisher & Sons are:

Plastering: The traditional service can include everything from repairs and restoration; to skim coating; ceiling plastering; wall plastering; and more. we can deal with all types of contract, from relatively small home extensions; to huge contract work such as: theatres, swimming pools and hotels.

Specialist Plasterworks: In addition to offering normal plastering, the firm has built its name on its specialist plasterworks that include: clay modelling; design and installation; in-situ works; and ceiling conservation.

Ceilings in the Adam style: David Fisher & Sons specialises in the Adam style ceilings and will ensure you get every detail of this neoclassical style of interior design right.

Cornices: No matter what type of decorative cornice you’re looking for – whether classical, modern or contemporary; we can do everything from making the cornice to installing it and will ensure you get the perfect style for your property.

Traditional Lime Plaster: Let the interior walls of your home breathe with traditional lime plaster that is built to be durable and attractive.

Traditional Lime Render: The exterior of your home will battle the elements so make sure it’s built to last and stylish too with the traditional lime render.


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